Kornkanok Ingkaninan, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemisrty and Pharmacognosy

Office Location:

Building 2, 21st floor, Room 2105 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University
99 Moo 9 Tha Pho, Mueang Phitsanulok, Phitsanulok, 65000


Bioscreening Unit,
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University,
Phitsanulok 65000, Thailand

Voice: (+66) 5596-1860
E-Mail:  k_ingkaninan@yahoo.com

Area of Research

– Research and development of Natural Health Products
– Lead finding from natural sources such as AChE inhibitors, PDE-5 inhibitors, antioxidant and antiandrogen
– Phytochemical analysis and quality control of herbal medicines


– Naresuan University Research Award 2005, 2009, 2011
– NRCT research award 2014. “The research and development of Brahmi for memory improvement” Technology transfer experience:
– “Brahmi Food Supplement” to Governmental Pharmaceutical organization (GPO) in 2011.
-“Hair Growth Promotion Products containing Curcuma aeruginosa extract” to SiamNawatra Co Ltd. in 2016.
-“Anti-cellulite Herbal Compress” to Apaiphubet Chaopraya Hospital Foundation in 2019.

Training and Education:

  • 2000: PhD from Division of Pharmacognosy, Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • 1994: MPharm (Pharmacognosy) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • 1990: BPharm. from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Clinical/Research Interests:

138 Publications in International journals – 2484 citations (Scopus h-index: 26)

5 recent publication are listed as follows
1. Srivilai J.,Minale, G., Scholfield, C. N., Ingkaninan, K. (2018) Discovery of natural steroid 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors. Assay and Drug Development Technology. Published Online:21 Dec 2018//doi.org/10.1089/adt.2018.870
2. Chaichamnong N, Temkitthawon P, Khorana N, Pitpakdeeanan P, Taepavarapruk P, Nuengchamnong N, Siriwattanasathien Y, Suksamrarn A, Ingkaninan K. (2018) Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors from Derris scandens. Planta Medica. doi: 10.1055/a-0619-5547.
3. Ngamdokmai N, Waranuch N, Chootip K, Jampachaisri K, Scholfield CN and Ingkaninan K (2018) Cellulite reduction by modified Thai herbal compresses: a randomized double-blind trial Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine //doi.org/10.1177/2515690X18794158.
4. Sookying, S., Pekthong, D., Oo-puthinan, S., Phrompittayarat, W., Putalun, W., Tanaka, H., Xing, J., Zhan, Z., Khorana, N., Nuengchamnong, N., Ingkaninan, K. (2017) Immunochromatographic determination of bacopaside I in biological samples, Journal of Chromatography B, 1040; 60–66.
5. Srivilai J, Waranuch N, Tangsumranjit A., Khorana N., Ingkaninan K. Germacrone and sesquiterpene-enriched extracts from Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. increase skin penetration of minoxidil, a hair growth promoter. (2018) Drug Deliv Transl Res. 8(1):140-149. doi: 10.1007/s13346-017-0447-7.

Recent Publications: PubMed , Scopus , TCI

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