Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Naresuan University persists in wisdom, creativity, and confidence based on morality and harmony.


Persisting in morality, being an academic leader, and Being in a good profession


Updated according to the resolution of the Executive Committee of

the Faculty of Pharmacy And the committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy

(No. 8/2018, 18 December 2019, No. 9/2019, 21 January 2019)



 Arrange teaching, research and academic services by managing as a partnership and networking for all sectors to participate and create cooperation to produce graduates Create innovation, research and academic services. With international quality and maximum benefits to communities and countries.

  1. Production graduate’s Policy

All graduated in every program must be independent to ignorance, including with features that are in accordance with the faculty’s aspiration and satisfied needs of society in all sectors

  1. Student Affair’s Policy

Promote student activities to be creative Beneficial to society, focusing on love, unity, morality, ethics, promoting and supporting the development of a strong advisor system

  1. Research’s Policy

Research that up-to-date changing in knowledge of world civil society, harmonizing Thai wisdom to create new knowledge. And developed internationally. To create research and innovation at national and international levels Focusing on research that is friendly to the natural environment without causing pollution or risks. And able to be used for national development

  1. Human Resource’s Policy

Structure, composition and qualifications of human resources Complies with university standards Staff at all levels have developed the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the community in the professional way. Have expertise, dignity, morality, ethics, which is apparent and widely accepted Love organization and happy in working

  1. Data and information systems management’s Policy

Creating a database of administrative resources operation, Action and results for make users can use to analyze planning, decision making, operations Educational quality assurance Emphasizing the ability to access each level and applying as well as for creating an image and communication

  1. Finance and Budget’s Policy

Strengthening and effective about finance and budget. Can be self-reliant on transparency Focus on the implementation of the strategic plan and the prescribed financial plan Consistent with the mission and objectives

  1. Educational quality assurance’s Policy

Promote the use of educational quality assurance systems as tools for continuous educational development at all levels to be able to achieve effectiveness as per the vision and mission and create satisfaction for service recipients and related parties

  1. Academic services for society’s Policy

Main organizations providing academic services in the pharmaceuticals, herbs, pharmaceuticals and health products Effectively Including training for pharmacist’s Public health personnel and the general public. By responding to the needs of the society

  1. Preserve art and culture’s Policy

Create identity and organization culture. Promote proper conduct, search, promote, and disseminate arts and culture Local knowledge and good values for students and staff of the faculty Including environmental preservation

  1. Knowledge management in organization’s Policy

Is an organization of learning continuously. Have an atmosphere and environment that is conducive to knowledge creation exchanging utilization the collection is a corporate identity. The innovation of quality work.

  1. Health Promotion’s Policy

Support resources for health promotion of the faculty of Pharmacy’s community. Integrating pharmaceutical knowledge. And the concept of health promotion To adjust the system. The academic service model, including curriculum management, achieves four areas of development: physical, mental, social and spiritual / intellectual. With the goal of promoting public health

  1. Occupational health and safety’s Policy

A management system for security, health and environment in the workplace. Learning and research management to meet safety standards. By procuring and supporting resources appropriately Focus on awareness. And considered as a duty Responsibility of staff in every sector. Accurately according to regulations



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