Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences with an excellence in innovation in teaching and learning and integrated research for sustainable community and country development


1. Producing the graduates with critical thinking, creative thinking Continuously seeking knowledge Have morality and ethics Ready to face social and economic dynamics
2. Create and publish research and innovation that meet the standard and quality. Lead to the extension or application to solve community and social problems. And sustainable economy of the community and country
3. Is a source of learning and academic services. Which responds the needs of service recipients, both community level, national and international level
4. Preserve art and culture Conserving natural resources and the environment Herbs and local knowledge


1. To produce graduates in pharmaceutical and related sciences at various levels to have the ability that meets the needs of users and relate with social dynamic and economy.
2. Create innovation in teaching and integrated research with quality standards for develop social and economy in community and country.
3. For giving the academic services which strengthens communities and countries both in social and economic terms.


1. Transparent organization management Involve all sectors to participate and create cooperation.
2. Program management that promotes competency to meet the needs of users. And in line with social and economic dynamics with effective learning innovation
3. Effective research management
4. Proactive academic services that respond to social needs and strengthen the community and country Both in social and economic terms
5. Network building and participation at local level National and international
6. Arts and cultural maintenance, Herbs and local knowledge

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